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Hello dear Reader!
most of the people call me RFM or RF as a short name ;o)
I’m working in IT for more than 20 years. I started my career at Dell as an Enterprise technologist as Server and Storage hardware SME.
After a few years, I started as a VMware Architect for DELL, and this is where all started for me with VMware starting with VI 3.5.
This experience was significant in my move to EMC² where I was in charge of building the VMware Cloud practice from a delivery perspective.
I was involved in critical projects and developed a Datacenter transformation specialization, Datacenter relocations, and migration methodologies. I realized at this point how important it is for me to share my knowledge with others. So I decided to co-published a book about vSphere 5. The purpose of this book was to share the technology and methodology around the private cloud.
And Finally, I work for VMware since 2013. I started as a consultant in the PSO delivery team and evolved to the role of Consulting Architect.
Delivering customer cloud challenges was a fantastic experience that taught me how to listen, understand customer needs and expectations.
The public cloud became a new market challenge, and I was enthusiastic about public cloud technology and had the opportunity to join a Global Cloud practice. Public cloud is resonating in my head as a maturity accomplishment of all the automation and optimization we intend to deliver in large organizations.
So I decided to join this new team. This mission allowed me to enable the market with a new VMware offering called VMware Cloud on AWS (VMC).
In early 2020 I moved to a new Hyperscaler team, and I’m currently focusing on Azure VMware Solution (AVS).
As the public cloud is getting more traction in the market, many questions are raising. I decided to create this blog so share my experience with you. As a Lead Cloud Solutions Architect, I’m facing some new issues, challenges, and questions in my daily role. This blog is the place where I will share all this with you.

I hope the content I will be publishing will be useful and of interest!
Stay tuned.

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